Who knew about glycerin

Monday I took my youngest daughter to the Dr. / allergist/ chiropractor to see if maybe he would have an answer/ thought into what’s going on with her. For the last year she has been dealing with some severe skin issues. She’s covered head to toe in sometimes scaley, sometimes patchy, red itchy skin. This first sprung up, or so I thought, when she was about 2 with patches on her cheeks. The Dr. said it looked like eczema and keep it moisturized, so I did. It never went away. So a little over a year ago, Dec ’15, spots started popping up all over her torso, then her arms, then her legs and then those spots started merging together! She was covered in giant patches! About a month or two later I noticed they were on her scalp.
Anyway I did the dance all mother’s do to get their kids seen by the right Dr.’s. After months of that we finally got into a pediatric dermatologist. We start light treatments (she’d already been on topical steroids for a while). So three times a week with the light for three months. Then two months once a week. We are now at the end of her light treatment. She still has spots all over her arms because that seems to be the only place the light didn’t have any affect on. The spots on the rest of her body have faded down to mostly pink patches. Her face and scalp never received treatment due to the harsh effects the light could have on her skin. Last week I noticed that the spots on her tummy were starting to come back. They never really went away but I was hoping for longer than this.
I went to dinner with a friend last week and told her about everything going on with the treatments and she suggested I go see this particular Dr. He’s been recommended to me before and for whatever reason, I think it was scheduling issues, I never got in to see him. So we go to the Dr. and he looks at her and says I think I know exactly what the problem is. Gets some glycerin and does what he does and watches her reaction to it. Then he tested a bunch of other foods and whatnot, no reactions. “She’s allergic to glycerin.”
EVERYTHING has glycerin!! I knew that without even checking. I went to Whole Foods and scoured the shelves and finally found something that I think might work for soap and lotion and toothpaste. However, out of the whole bath and body section there was only one brand that didn’t seem to have glycerin in it’s products and that’s just sad. I’m also not 100% sure it’s not in there just under a different name. So now I’m off on a new quest to find glycerin free products. Fingers crossed that we’ll see some results!

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  1. I’m happy and dad that you’ve found the source! Glycerin is in everything! Almost. There are a few natural baby products without glycerin. When I come across them, I’ll forward. Big hugs to you and the girls!! And boots, too😊

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