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I got back from the perfect little mini vacation in San Francisco earlier this week. Did I mention it was perfect?  Unfortunately there was way too much to do and see to fit into 3 days. Lucky for me that means another trip back! I don’t know if I’ve ever been anywhere else where I’ve thought…”you know, I just want to pack up and move here…NOW!”  It is such an amazing city full of fabulous architecture and loads of history it’s hard not to love it.  I think what got my attention most was how similar it is to Portland, except with better weather.  When asked by a cabbie taking us to Fisherman’s wharf what we were going to do in San Francisco I told him ” We are going to tourist the shit out of this place!” and so we did.

We stayed in a hotel on Lombard next to the Presidio so it was easy to walk over and stroll the park and get a great view of the Golden Gate bridge. This little stroll set the tone, btw, for the rest of our stay we walked almost EVERYWHERE! The time on the stairs and elliptical really paid off.  A cool little place to visit was Lucas Films; I had no idea it was in that park. What I heard was “we need to go visit the Yoda fountain” uh, ok…there’s a fountain of Yoda in the park?  There was indeed a Yoda fountain and it was very cool, like a little Saint Yoda high above the water. But, what was cooler for me was wandering over to what looked like a glass enclosed courtyard to peer into the window and see a storm trooper staring back at me!! I think I may have squealed a little! So after a little bit of hemming and hawing we ended up going in. It’s nice they let you wander around the lobby and check out the awards and pictures and statues and all kinds of WAY COOL stuff!!

IMAG2745 IMAG2738 IMAG2737 IMAG2743

We also checked out some of the cool old officer’s houses and found that the rent in that area is 6k+ a month O.o… they are cute “little” houses though. Scott also informed me that San Francisco is only 49 sq miles but with 46 hills and we walked quite a few of them. We ended up walking about 4 miles to get a fantastic Korean dinner. Along the way saw some fabulous houses in the Presidio Heights area and also found a cute little fixer upper for just 18M. There are more than a 10 different architectural styles in that city, and they are all crammed together and it is glorious!! Eye candy everywhere. They really ought to do a House Hunters in San Fran more often as the houses are just gorgeous!

IMAG2746 IMAG2749

IMAG2752 IMAG2753 IMAG2756

The sun is shining and that’s a hot commodity over here so I am going to take the rest of the day to get some things done. Just wanted to share a little though. I’ll write more and put up pictures of Alcatraz later…. 😀

Have a great day and enjoy the sun!!


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  1. Sounds great Lynn. Love your photos. I love architecture too. You & Scott will have to take a trip to Barcelona – amazing architecture there! (Strap your money to your chest though!). Lots of love and hugs Dad & Liz xxxx

    1. Thanks Liz! Yes, Spain is on the “to go” list. I love it there. I’ve never been to Barcelona but I love the Gaudi architecture there! Art Nouveau and Art Deco are two of my favorite styles so I’d love to see his take on it in person someday. Love to you both! xoxo

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