Why I think I love yoga…

I just got back from the gym, checked my weight cause it’s Saturday blah, blah,blah no one needs to know the results but me.  I probably shouldn’t have had the cajun tots and dessert the other night, that’s all I’m gonna say about that.  Anyway I have gone from losing a lot of weight (divorce diet) 30+ lbs to putting it all back on plus a little extra for fun (love diet).  So I’ve started going to the gym at ass o’clock in the morning and paying more attention to what I eat.  But what I am really excited about is the fact that I’ve started taking a yoga class and I’ve started doing it at home with my girls.

Now, I’ve always wanted to do yoga, I don’t know why, but never really had the opportunity to join a class and was never motivated to do it at home.  So when a friend of mine started teaching her own class I thought, “why not?” I went and checked it out and found that I really, really liked it. Her mother told me that I would sleep like a baby after class and she was not kidding. That night was probably THE best night of sleep I’ve ever had.  Several weeks passed since I went to the class. Catching cooties and kid functions kept my schedule from being free enough to allow myself yoga time. But I was actually craving it I think. So with a little pushing from my guy I committed to signing up for classes, and I am so glad I did!

The gym, I hate. I hate it with a passion. When the alarm goes off at 4 bleeping 30 in the AM, I am one pissed off person. But I get up and scream in my head, get my stuff on and go and I hate it.  When I’m done I feel energized and ready for the day though, so I really can’t complain. When I go to my yoga class though, I am so excited and can’t wait to get there. Yes, it makes my muscles burn and sometimes I’m crying in my head when I want to be done with a stretch, but miraculously I make it through without passing out. And I feel great afterwards. I feel loose and relaxed and calm, which are never words that I associate with myself since my daily life is running around with kids all the time. But also, and this is my favorite part, my mind is quiet (I just might cry thinking about it).

The other night while laying in the corpse pose, I was reflecting on the class and thinking this can’t be the end already it had really only felt like 30 minutes. When I looked at my phone it really had been an hour and a little more. My mind was so far in lala land I hadn’t even noticed the time going by. That is a wonderful feeling. No brain chatter, no to do lists, no thinking about what happened during the day, good or bad.  No thoughts whatsoever. Just quiet in there. It’s a beautiful thing. Especially for me. I crave physical quiet all the time, so to get that plus the mental quietness….amazing. I wish I had started sooner but I’m doing it now and loving it!

It’s a beautiful day, sun is shining, go do something fun!




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