Just making it through the day

Yesterday I woke up to my face feeling like it was glued to the pillow.  Stupid head cold, AGAIN!!! My nose was so stuffy and runny(GROSS) at the the same time and I felt like someone left a brick in my head. It was awful! I must have hit “snooze” about 20 times between 5&7 and hitting the snooze is rare for me. Usually I am so pissed about having to wake up at 5 that I try not to throw my phone at the wall and just jump out of bed. But no, yesterday was it’s own special day. Yesterday I wanted to cry because my head was killing me and I knew I had to get up anyway. I did beg and plead and pray that my day would not be a repeat of the day before, cause I just would not be able to handle it. Thank the powers that be that it was more of a milder version! Oh and some sweet friend of mine~KIM~ brought me sugar in the form of banana bars on Monday when I soooo needed it!!! So THANK YOU!!!

Today will be (better be) a better day. I’ve been pretty good about setting the “reset” button on myself everyday but the last two days were exceptionally crappy, so today I’m putting up my middle finger to a bad day! I got smart and used nasal spray when I got home yesterday so I will make sure to take some before I go to work. Shallow breathing through the mouth all day was not doing it for me. I wanted to pass out for lack of oxygen. Plus the poor kids couldn’t understand a thing I was saying to them. It’s really hard to sound something out correctly when the person saying the word can’t even pronounce it correctly!  Let’s just say, I got a lot of funny looks at spelling/ reading time.

Anyway fingers crossed the universe will make this a better day! Good thoughts and positive energy, right?! Also universe, no more colds!! Cold, eye infection, cold…not cool!

Hi I'm Lynn, stay at home "momprenuer" to four little chitlins. Just trying to make it in this crazy world with my sanity intact! Would love to connect! @crazypeach on Instagram & pinterest. @cr8zPeach on twitter, cr8zypeach on Tumblr and Lynn Guthrie-Robinson on FB