Collecting rocks and other things

So after my trip into the wilderness I have several more rocks to add to the growing collection in my house. I didn’t realize I had a tribe of rock collectors, but apparently I do. Earlier in the week I got a visit in with my sis Candace and we were talking about different stones and crystals and what they are good for. She has a great interest in crystals which I actually find quite fascinating. Anyway, when I got back I sent her some pictures of the rocks I had collected. I have no Idea what any of these rocks are. When I go out there my eyes are just drawn to the ground and I start picking them up. On our hike I kept saying “ok, I swear this is the last one…unless I find one that is sooo spectacular!!” At some point I did stop looking. You can only carry so many rocks before you start feeling the weight of them.

We looked online and I think she asked a few people she knows what some of the rocks might be and came up with carnelian. Not saying 100% that it is, just that it might be. Apparently this stone is good for people who feel stuck, attracting prosperity, feeling good, calming ect. I don’t know, I think it looks pretty πŸ˜€ and if all that other stuff comes with it then I scored!Β IMAG0369

Speaking of scoring, I also found another chair! On our way home we found a huge store full of old furniture and other things. Antiques and Oddities in Bingen, Wa. Pretty cool little store. There’s quite a bit of furniture from China in there which I thought was odd but very cool. There were several pieces I would have loved to walk away with but I only walked out with the chair and some old sheet music. I am going to try my hand at paper flower medallions for the girl’s room. After this chair I promised not to pick up any more chairs till I get the ones I have, finished and gone. Even my son said something to me about the growing collection of chairs. He just yelled “MOM!” when I told him I had a few others stashed away at Scott’s house lol. So, no more finding for a while.

We ended up finishing up our day in Stevenson at this place called Big River Grill. Omg the burger was so good!! AND I got sweet potato fries which is usually not an option although I think it’s starting to become more of one. At any rate I would definitely go back there to check out what else is on the menu. The dessert looked sooo good walking by me but I was too stuffed to even think about putting anything else in my belly! So there, I have to go back for the dessert…

Oh update on the rifle! Yes Andrea, it is a Mosin-Nagant 91/30 rifle. Not only do I now know what it is called, although I’m sure I was told no less than 50 times, I’m also being gifted one! Scott’s mother is so kindly giving me hers after she heard how much I loved it!! I can not thank her enough for such a sweet and thoughtful gift! I’m beaming πŸ˜€ Time to get some ammo!!

Enjoy the day & hope the sun is shining for you!


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