Out in the woods

This weekend I spent some time out in the woods. Yes I have my own trees and woods but I wasn’t in those. I went up with my guy (For those of you that don’t know and might have a minor heart attack at the news, Rob and I have split up and gone our separate ways. The kids are fine, we are fine, everything’s fine.) to his property out in no man’s land, population 5 or 6…sometimes. I’m sure more people will come out of the wood work as the weather gets better. He was going to clean and do some burning so I figured I could help and also get some reading and writing in. Just to be clear, I didn’t write. It was just a notion. I did get some reading in and a sore body’s worth of work done.

We went out Friday night with hopes that the snow would be gone and we wouldn’t have to hike in with all the stuff. Great news! No snow! Silly me just figured the ground would be perfect to drive on now the snow was gone. Hello, why didn’t I think of where all that water would go from the snow melt? Well whatever, after we played slip n slide and the truck got a mud bath, we finally made it in without having to slog through the mud with our own legs. So for that I am happy.

The next day was simply gorgeous. We got to meet one of the neighbors who gave us the low down on the goings on in the little community. Very nice guy and I was glad to know that there was someone close that could help drag us out of the mud if we needed it. After that we got to work. Scott (my guy’s name) got to work on a nice big fire pit and I started dragging the dead wood out for burning. All fascinating stuff really. The hardest part about the whole thing, well for me anyway, was keeping myself focused. I have to make a conscious effort to keep my eyes off the ground.  The ground out there is covered in these beautiful rocks that you can’t help but get fixated on! So every time I made a trip back to get more wood I was staring at the ground picking up more rocks. It got so bad that every time I bent over to pick up wood, rocks would come tumbling out of my pockets.

This is where my lack of for thought kicked my butt. After we got the fire going we decided to go on a “little” hike of the area. We wanted to see how bad the road was going out the other way and also just take a tour of the neighborhood, so to speak. Anyway after 2 hours of traipsing mostly uphill through the mud, we decided it would be better to take our chances going back the way we came in before the ground thawed. My thighs were screaming at me and my crazy hip was telling me how much it was going to hurt me for putting it through so much without taking a breather.  By the time we got back all I could do was collapse in a chair and try to think coherent thoughts through the inferno of pain my hip was putting me through. It was pissed. I finally had to go pass out.

When I finally woke up (Scott had to try this twice, I think my first reaction to being woken up was FU, roll over, zzzzz) we went out and did some shooting. This was actually the carrot that got me out of the bed. OOOH!! We get to shoot guns!!! I don’t know if it’s possible to fall in love with an inanimate object but I sure as heck fell in love with a gun! I didn’t want to shoot it at first. I saw the size of the bullet and thought nope I’ll pass…that didn’t last too long. I just had to hear “the kick isn’t that bad” …OK I’m in :-D. I’m not even sure what kind of gun it was. I do know it’s Russian, made in 1936 it’s a long rifle and pretty darn accurate. It shoots smooth as butter if that even makes sense. Whatever it’s called I want my own (sigh, dreamy eyes). 

After a day of hard labor, hiking and shooting, I slept like the dead. Sunday we drove back through the Gorge, taking in the scenery. Made a few stops along the way and made it back home safe and sound…and muddy.


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