Ooooh New Features

Wow! I haven’t been on WP in a while…they now have a distraction free writing feature. I like it! You never realize how much your eyes get pulled around till there’s nothing there. This is really, really cool! Ok, but now I’m staring at the fire lol.  This is pretty awesome though. All of the tabs and tools disappear while your’re writing and come back once you move the mouse beyond your writing area. Great for me because I am easily distracted and could spend a half hour screwing around looking at comments or looking at new themes I’m too lazy to use.  I would say rereading old posts but I rarely do that, it’s better for the self criticism.  Anyway I’m just rambling now, so on to the next.


As a side note that has nothing to do with the new features but has everything to do with the technology I have to use to write and publish, I hate  my computer! I have a Sony Vaio ( I think that’s right) touch screen, flip top so it can be a huge tablet ect, ect. Pretty fancy a little old now but I hate it. My mouse is always disappearing, so does my page at times, random windows pop open (not like a pop up), and it’s sooooo slow! Some days I want to throw it! One day, when possible, I will go back to the MAC! Ok rant over…Have a great day! Oh old feature pics because this keeps crashing when I try to upload a new one…that’s what started this whole thing ;~)

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