Appreciating the forgotten things

That last post was not intended it just happened and I let it.  What was really on my mind was my past weekend. I had an awesome weekend! Saturday was spent running around getting things done and indulging in something I rarely do but really love. Sunday was spent in bed doing something I haven’t done in a very long time! Get your mind out of the gutter…I was just reading comics… and eating bacon( big cheesy grin). Most people don’t know about my love for comics. I hide that part lol because it seems so super nerdy, but that’s kinda me anyway. I guess nerdy is not really the right way to put that. I would think people view it as a little childish, but honestly, we are all just a bunch of little kids running around in grown up bodies. So in the grand scheme of things…Who cares?!

(Ahh so cool it auto double spaces now!) Ok, Anyway, so Saturday as we were running around, the mission was to find a desk and different room furnishings with the possibility of stopping in at a comic book shop.  Well, what was going to be one shop, turned into three. I had forgotten how much I really loved spending time just browsing through comics. Just a simple forgotten pleasure. Of course I was quickly on the hunt for my favorite one; The Spirit by Will Eisner. I love the artwork and noir theme, who doesn’t like a good detective story? I was pleasantly surprised to find that every store had several back issues. Surprising only because my previous search for that comic produced just one shop that carried it. Once I found what I was looking for I could finally relax and just browse without purpose. I ended up finding a new comic to try out, and was also educated on what a “trade paperback” is (Thank you for the learning experience ;~)). Basically a  bunch of comics in a series shoved into one book, cheaper and easier to read the whole story, kind of like the Netflix for comics. However, I still like the smell and feel of the old comics. That’s the smell and feel of nostalgia for me.

My dad was actually the one that got me started on the comic book kick. He had boxes of them from the ’70’s when he lived in England. So I grew up reading old copies of The Beano and The Dandy. I still have my own stack of them too. When I was older I would sneak into his roll top desk and find copies of The Spirit. I was always irritated when I would get to the end and there were no more because I couldn’t ask him to get the next copy! Archie comic books was another one that I liked, in middle school I think. I have a vague recollection of trading them when I was in school. Probably should have been doing school work, but hey, I was reading. Anyway that nostalgic feel and smell led us on a mission to find the stinky, old comic book shop. Boy, did we find it! (Raised eyebrow)

The comic book shops we found remind me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One store was too hot, one too cold, and one was just right! The first one we visited was  Things From Another World in Milwaukie. This was a nice place but lots of stuff. There were a lot of toys, models and statue~y things that I couldn’t walk around comfortably without thinking that I was going to knock something over. It was organized, just packed. The comic to stuff ratio was probably half and half so I felt crowded. This would be my hot porridge shop.

The second one we went to because I had that need to go to the “traditional” smelling shop. Future dreams was more of an experience in the past. It was like being in a hoarder’s house but with  more organization ( I’m loosely throwing that in there). Anyhoo it definitely delivered on the smell of old paper comics. So much so, that I had to leave because I was getting light headed and nauseous. Still a very neat place when taken in little chunks. I think you could spend years down in that basement and still not see everything.  What was really cool is that this place had so much random old stuff you didn’t know what you would find. This was my cold porridge shop.

The third shop was actually the last one we visited. We were on our way back home and saw it on the other side of the street as we were driving by. Hmmm should we turn around and go check it DUH?! So in we go with only an hour before closing. So clean, so neat, so perfect! The main part of the store was open and organized. The room off to the side filled with nicely organized back issues! There was also a little loft area that you could sit and read in I believe. I didn’t make it up there, just looked up. Anyhoo this store, Cosmic Monkey, was just right! It is my favorite so far and I think I will be back in soon. There’s also a cute coffee shop next door.

Somehow this turned into a mini review of comic shops lol. What I was originally thinking was, how nice it was to take the time enjoying something I’d forgotten I liked doing. Sunday I sat in bed eating breakfast, drinking “a little” coffee, and reading comics. So awesome and relaxing!

I hope this inspires you to remember something that you used to love doing, and take the time to do it! Gotta run


Hope the sun is shining for you!!

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6 thoughts on “Appreciating the forgotten things”

    1. Thanks AJ!!! Haahaha I’m always surprised at the comments I get because I just assume only a handful of people actually read my blog. So thanks for taking the time to read chica!! Miss ya!

  1. Lynn, it’s my belief that comic books were the gateway to my passion for reading and literature. I remember 2 large hefty bags of comics stored in my great grandma’s attic while I was in college. Sad story, relatives in a hurry to clean up while grandma was sick, tossed them all). Archie was my fav, as was Mad Mag! However, there were Little Lulu’s, Casper’s, Bugs Bunny (totally crushed on Bugs, or should I say crushing?). It’s exciting to see the new graphic novels coming out for kids, like Baby Mouse! She may be sarcastic, but if it gets reading than I’m all for it. Thanks for rekindling that passion and special memories of laying in bed reading comics 🙂

    1. Oh I haven’t even been on this thing in a while…again lol! I am just seeing the responses!! So sad about the loss of all those comic books! My dad’s old comics suffered a similar fate. Archie was also one of my favorites and Mad Magazine!!I actually picked one of those up a few months ago, same old silly stories. Yes I agree, with the graphic novels, I love them for kids because they are such easy reads and not so daunting sometimes so they’re easier to read. Hey if it gets the kids interested why not? BTW Sorry I haven’t called you back!!

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