Changing it up

I generally don’t write in the middle of the night anymore because I’m usually wiped out by now and still have to get up by 5 AM, which totally chews, but what the hey. So I’m braving it here in the dark and I know there is a mouse running around somewhere waiting for my bare foot to touch the floor. I always name the mice Charlie and I have no idea which number Charlie is running around. I do know that Charlie #4 got squashed by a shoe I so expertly aimed in the dark. My hearing is pretty good when I want it to be. All the years of  listening to make sure the baby in the next room was still breathing…you moms know what I’m talking about. Anyway Charlie # whatever thinks he’s so smart but I suspect in the next 15 mins I’ll be throwing him into the bushes too. Sorry to all you tiny rodent lovers, but if you’ve ever seen me around a mouse you’d know the mouse has to go.

I thought I was going to catch up on all my writing this morning and that obviously didn’t happen. This cold is kicking my rear and my first born’s rear as well! Day two with a sick teen laying around. I hate seeing my children sick and I wish I could take it all the pain for them, but he has a sore throat and those are the worst so he can just keep that. Besides I had my own day of pain. Two shots and a blood draw on top of a stuffy head. I absolutely hate needles, and  I’m amazed I didn’t pass out this time. I have my father to thank for my fear of needles. When I was younger we were on our way to Spain for four years. My father had just got back from Korea I think, and was picking my brother and I up in Chicago where we’d been living with our grandmother for the year. Anyway in order for us to get overseas we had to get all of our shot records up to date, which they should have been, but he LOST them! What the hey! My brother and I had to get all of these fricking shots in one go! Just to be clear, military nurses show no mercy, not even for the kids! Ok, that might be a lie but the nurse I got sure didn’t give a “bleep” about me freaking out. I’m sure I ticked her off more so she jabbed me extra hard. Both arms, both legs, both cheeks! No fun. To make matters worse my father decides to squeeze our arms to get the vaccines going so our arms wouldn’t be stiff. This might have also been the time I picked up the handy little F word. As if I wasn’t mad enough at him already.

So because of all the vaccination trauma of my younger years I am a complete whimpering idiot when it comes to needles. I try to avoid them at all costs. I’ve pushed out four kids without an epidural. The first one I did have a spinal for but that was completely out of my control, apparently I lost my mind momentarily and couldn’t make my own decisions. People tell me all the time how crazy I am to endure the pain of childbirth to avoid a tiny needle. HAHA they’ve never seen me pass out in the chair, or heard me tell the nurse how much I feel like beating her for poking me. Well at least I’m getting better. Today I just cried and only went white as a sheet. YAY no Lynn puddle on the floor. I realize that my title has almost nothing to do with what I just wrote. Oh well it is what it is!

Glitter and Rainbows!


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