I’m only human…so are you

What a long weekend! I know, it’s Tuesday but I needed the break yesterday. All the cooties my children insist on sharing with me finally hit hard last night! I woke up last night to my kids asking “mom what’s for dinner???” I don’t know!! Left overs…life saver. Goodness knows I didn’t have the energy to make dinner last night, even though I had every intention of making chicken and dumplings for all of us sickies! Well tonight it’s on! I forgive myself for not making “fresh” dinner last night lol.

Last week I attempted to quit smoking. I did really good, I almost lasted a week! Almost. Hey it’s ok. I’m ok with the fact that I’m only human and sometimes there are set backs because as humans we succumb to weakness sometimes. Sunday I couldn’t let it go so I bought some more cigarettes. Then they sat in my car for half the day. Then I went out and smoked half of one. It made me sick immediately and of course I thought “why did I do that” but, you know, it happens. It’s ok. I gave in and I have my reasons why, but the main thing is, is that I can move past it and understand that sometimes these things happen. I don’t need to beat myself up over it or think of myself as a failure. I just need to start again. I will, with the intention of making it longer next time. I guess that’s the lesson in all of that, learn from the mistake and move on. That’s life in general. If we stay and wallow in self pity because we screwed up, we’re not doing anything to move past the situation and we get stuck. Life is about picking up the pieces and moving forward. I’m learning that lesson and it does hurt, and it is hard, but a lesson to be learned all the same.

Have a fabulous day, enjoy the sun if you’ve got it (all you peeps visiting down south)!


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