YAY It’s Friday!

Woo hoo, the end of another week! I’m actually not that excited, but people tend to be super excited for Fridays so why not 🙂 I think I’m coming down with some child delivered cooties, so I feel a little “blah”. I’m hoping this passes quickly, like within a few hours…I know I have high expectations. I’ve got too much to do to be down with a cold. Halloween is right around the corner, I still need to get a costume for one of my guys, class parties, carnivals, more school stuff for my son. Yeah, I got’s no time to be sick! I will probably just power through. The nice thing about being a mom is that we don’t have sick days, so regardless of if you think you are sick, you are not really. The rest of the world is going to keep going on and expect you to do the same. I don’t know too many moms that have kids that say “oh, Mom’s sick, let’s just not bother her. We are capable of taking care of ourselves for a little while” . HAHA I think if that happened I might wonder if I had died in my sleep. I should say though my kids, as they’ve gotten older have been better about not asking for as much, when I’m sick. I did try to raise them to be self sufficient. I’ve told them all, when they are grown and moved out, this mama will not be coming over with groceries to cook, clean, or do laundry so you better learn how to do it now! I do love my kids but I don’t want to set them up for failure!

The other day my sons and I were talking about bad gifts your family gives you and whether or not you keep them. On my last trip home my mother gave me these porcelain dolls. I used to collect the little masks when I was younger. I did NOT collect the dolls. Anyway my mother saw these dolls somewhere and picked them up for me. She had them for years, waiting for me to come out and visit so I could get them. I don’t know what I was expecting, but these were DOLLS! I don’t like dolls! They are creepy, with their tiny, little eyes watching you.  Too much Twilight Zone as a kid…I half expect to hear tiny little glass footsteps and whispers in the middle of the night. Ok creeping myself out! So anyway, now I have these dolls, I can’t really get rid of them cause my mother gave them to me (my daughter told me this). That was the dilemma, what do you do when you get that gift you don’t really want but can’t Goodwill it? Well for me, I have four dolls and four kids muahahahaa! Guess what they’re getting as house warming gifts lol! My sons were freaking out and telling me that it wasn’t fair. Well what else am I supposed to do? I know I’m going to still have them for a while but I think it will be worth the wait to see the looks on their faces when they get those (big cheesy grin here). Of course I told them when I come to visit they have to have their doll proudly displayed, haha! So keep them in an easy to get to spot for those unexpected drop ins!  I don’t know where I was going with this today but hope you enjoyed 🙂

creepy dolls


Have a fantastic day! And yes please do share anything I write…I’ve had people ask if it was ok to do so, um YES!

Lynn    HAHA my daughter just woke up and saw the dolls, the look on her face O~O

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