Unblocking #4

This morning on the radio I heard the song Ballroom Blitz, LOVE THAT SONG! For whatever reason it makes me think of Rocky Horror Picture Show, also a total fave of mine. Funny thing is, that song was never in that movie! Why does it make me think of that movie?? I don’t know, maybe because it would have been a great fit. I don’t know where you would put it, Time Warp kind of takes care of that space where the crazy catchy tune goes. Anyhoo When I think RHPS, I think of way back when late 90’s, somewhere in the industrial area of Norfolk, VA. There was a little theater that played the movie. My boyfriend’s friend asked if we wanted to do something different and if I liked RHPS. Of course I said “yes & yes” I was always up for something new! So we go to this little run down theater. I’m amazed it hadn’t been condemned, it was old style with the red velvet everything. I’m sure it was quite plush and luxurious in its day. Anyway we walk in and there are all these half naked people running around in different costumes from the movie! I was so surprised! I really had no idea what I was walking into, and then I was ticked, “we were supposed to dress up?!”! I would have totally dressed up in Tim Curry’s little get up lol!  We grab some seats down front and the movie is getting ready to start. Before it does there are a group of actors that get up on the stage and ask if there are any virgins in the audience…lol, meaning any first timers to their show. A bunch of us raise our hands, they explain what’s going to happen and that we have to participate. They then throw out these little bags with all kind of little things in there to be used through out the show. Well I can’t say I was the greatest at timing so I was throwing the wrong things out at the wrong times, but I had so much fun! One of the best nights I’ve ever had on a date. I have since found that they do one of these shows out here, so I am sure a step back in time will be in my near future ;)…. L

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