I thought I had a little shift, just a slight chance of getting some of this stuff out of my head, but no there it sits locked up.  Swimming in the little pond of thoughts looking for a drain to let it all spill out into a language understandable by all. No such luck, there must be a clog in the drain. Too much build up. To much emotional gunk clogging up the drain pipe. Nothing is getting past. How does that work, something slipped out a few days ago. Then the drain just closed up. Now I sit with words floating around my brain like the stars in the galaxy. Ever swirling and whirling collecting more matter and not letting it go. Regardless of the blockage, there is still more flowing in. Despite the fact that I need to relieve the pressure inside my head and heart, the words still flow in. Some stabbing in an almost palpable physical pain. Some so light and airy, I can barely grasp the meaning of the words floating by.  I need to find a way to unclog, unblock, create a tiny little hole to start the drain, because even this is starting to bottleneck. Maybe through time and enough writing of useless things the useful things will resurface. Even in the useless though, there is still usefulness. Even in the garbage there is still treasure. Broken heart, broken brain all the pieces clogging the drain…L

Hi I'm Lynn, stay at home "momprenuer" to four little chitlins. Just trying to make it in this crazy world with my sanity intact! Would love to connect! @crazypeach on Instagram & pinterest. @cr8zPeach on twitter, cr8zypeach on Tumblr and Lynn Guthrie-Robinson on FB

2 thoughts on “Unblocking#3”

  1. Yes, Yes Yes….. Love this piece. Its perfect. I have had these thoughts many times before and you said it perfectly. No worries. You will find that drain plug and the thoughts will come pouring out.

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