Kids are simple, if we let them be

Good Monday morning!! This is probably the first Monday in a while that I didn’t actually feel like “Ugh it’s Monday already!!” . My computer is reminding me I need to restart, of course it has to be right now when I actually have the brain power to write. That’s ok though. The rain outside is nice reminder that I can take a few minutes to just sit, listen and gather my thoughts while the computer does its thing. Most days I would have been irritated but for some reason I fee l very calm this morning and that’s a great feeling that I am getting used to. Also a feeling that I find I enjoy very much.

Anyway, yesterday Rob and I took the kids out to the pumpkin patch. All things fall I love! So the pumpkin patch is always a must do for October. It was crowded, yes, but we got a great parking spot right away and the lines moved fairly quickly so no complaints. We didn’t get to our free hot drinks but it was already hot so I was all for skipping that! It did cause some drama for our little one though. She must have that sixth sense because I never mentioned drinks, but she knew she wanted it anyway and had a mini meltdown on the way to the car. It doesn’t matter though it was so brief. The fact that they had a good time doing nothing super spectacular was what was important.

Running through a hay maze, catapulting pumpkins, petting animals, all such simple things. As an adult it can sometimes seem so boring because it’s so simple, but our kids, they just loved it! That is so important, that they can just enjoy the simple things if we let them. There are so many other distractions in the world and I feel sometimes that kids today just don’t get the chance to just be kids. As parents we sometimes get too focused on what the next latest and greatest technology is out there for our kids to learn more or be more. When all they really need is to just be kids. I loved watching my kids climbing all over the hay pyramid with huge grins on their faces. No one yelling at them to get down it’s too high or petting the animals without having to hear “don’t touch that!”. The looks on their faces were priceless. You could tell they felt like they were on top of the world. Not once did I hear one of them say “Mom, can I watch a show?” or “can we go home so I can play the Playstation?”.  It was so nice that they could be outside not thinking about those other things. I think I will take a lesson out of their book on how to truly just live in the moment.

I had more to say about this but I had to get the kids up for school and now I’ve lost my train of thought lol mom brain! Well make it a great day, enjoy the simple things in life 🙂


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