Unblocking #2

Nothing like waking up to the smell of cat crap in the morning! Someone accidentally left our beloved cat Candy in the mudroom last night. She’s very sneaky so when you open the door she runs in and hides, waiting for the opportunity to come out and chillax in the dirty laundry or whatever toy mound the girls have left out. Usually I check to see that she’s out but I didn’t bother last night and lo and behold…cat poop. I wish she could just have solid crap like a dog but no, it has to be gross and squishy (yes good morning to ya) so I have to make multiple trips top clean it up. GAG!! The best part of waking up is cat poop in your…anyway, so not the way I wanted to start the morning. Making my cup of mint tea that  smells so nice, but wait, what on God’s green earth is that smell?!?! I actually though my son got up in the middle of the night and forgot to flush. My poor old lady cat, she didn’t even bother scratching on the door so I could let her out. Actually she probably just did it on purpose because I wouldn’t let her climb on my lap earlier. Had she just done her normal clawing of the door I would have gladly hopped up to let her out. Goodness knows I would rather climb out of bed to let her out than wake up to a hot steaming pile of poo. Yes, it was fresh, ugh! Anyone who knows me well knows there is a reason I don’t have a ton of animals…they poop and I hate poop!

Have a fabulous day!


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