Unblocking #1

It’s Tuesday morning and the rain is pouring down out side. I think I’ll skip the running this morning.  Good news is that I now have a new roof and the wasps are gone. Two birds one stone since the guys replacing my roof also happened to stumble across the huge wasp nest.  I wasn’t here at the time but the guy told me it scared the crap out of him, I can imagine, and he sprayed it for me.  Roofer and exterminator all in one! Just to be clear, I did call an exterminator a while back. He told me the nest would die out with the first frost, whenever that might be. Anyway it’s all good, no more leaky roof, no more wasp bodies covering my window sills.

I know I skipped a whole week of writing, I even started a post about that but it never got finished. My writer’s block has been a (w)itch to deal with. I am pretty sure I know what’s causing it and I need to get a handle on that, but for now I’m just going to force myself to write, just like we did way back when in English class, write about anything, write about nothing…so, forgiving myself for the bad writing that will likely follow and giving myself permission to write badly ! Woo Hoo!  What really stinks about having this block is that I have a lot to talk about! I went on an awesome girls trip last weekend, bumped into a band of pirates, found some amazing chairs, and even flirted with a cute guy while he drew my face in fat cartoony fashion. He said to try to throw him off his game; I’m glad the picture came out as well as it did haha!

The rest of last week was a blur, I did end up doing a hangout with my friend J but even that didn’t happen till Friday. Wednesday I saw clowns. Clowns and dolls. There was more but I can only visualize that clown. Standing there staring at me, probably knowing I was teetering on the edge of freak out mode.  I hate clowns. I hate dolls too, but clowns are worse. Still I had fun. Lucky for me and the clown, there just happened to be an exit beside me.  Of course this was like the slow motion crossroads scene. The clown and countless clowns to come or freedom?  A few F bombs that I hope I only dropped in my head, and off to the exit I went. I must have sweat off at least five lbs in that night! Nothing like a good scare.  Silly me for choosing to go through the scariest house out of the three to choose from. Trying to get the hard part out of the way, haha back fire! Ok, I’m done.  Can’t sit here staring at the screen all morning!

Have a great day! Hope the sun is shining for someone somewhere!




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