A page out of my life

Hahaa I can’t think of a title for my rambling this morning, which this will surely be…a rambling. I actually had a thought for a post two Fridays ago but it never came to fruition because my day just turned out to be sooo awesome that I didn’t make time to write, I know I should have, but sometimes living life is more important than writing life 😉 Anyhoo, so two Fridays ago I was having an exceptional day! I went running and found that I was running further and quicker than I had before. That in itself is super amazing, I was one of those that absolutely hated running! I wouldn’t do it if you paid me, unless it was sprinting, I like doing sprints. In the not too distant past I couldn’t run up to my neighbors without dying from lack of oxygen, they only live about 100 feet (that’s the average guesstimate between my son and I). Now I can run at least half a mile or more, so YAY ME! I’m so happy to see the progress I’m making, it might be small but it’s ever increasing!

I also finally had a breakthrough in my journey to lose weight. Now I’m not a super heavy person, but I’ve always been a toothpick so anytime I add on any extra pounds I really feel it. I mean it hurts! My knees, my back, ankles ect. So since January I’ve lost about 25 lbs. I went from 175 lbs to 150 lbs (sorry I know you guys can do the math). I was stuck at 150-148 for months it just would not budge! So I started making sure that I was getting in at least a mile walk a day and tweeked my diet a little more. Just so you know, even though exercise is great, nothing really changes unless you pay attention to what you eat. I try not to eat too much processed food but had got a little carried away with eating out and quick meals. Our lives got a little crazy and it just worked out that way. Anyway got back to eating better and when I stepped on the scale that morning I was down to 144.8 lbs! I was so excited I had to do a happy dance. I thought my goodness this is so silly to be so excited over 5 lbs! But I was because this was a huge breakthrough for me! I’ve fluctuated a little since then but have not been back up to 148 and that just thrills me! My goal weight is about 130-135, that should be good without making me look like I am a head on a stick lol. Then to just tone up the jiggle, cause I am still squishy…I am a mother of 4 after all. It takes work!

The best part of that Friday was that I got to spend some time with my bestest friend. We went kayaking and it was so relaxing. That was also the first time my youngest had been out in a kayak without being in my belly! She kind of freaked out a little. I can understand the freakout. Being that little surrounded by all that water has got to be a little nerve wracking! We ended up finding a little beach to pull into and just hung out there listening to music. I ended up going for a swim or actually a float. My favorite thing to do is float around on my back with my life jacket on, so lazy I know lol. It’s great when you have a friend that you can just hang out with and don’t feel the need to talk constantly to fill the quiet. It was so peaceful for both of us I think, well it must of been because we stopped paying attention to the time! An hour on the lake turned into a few :). Sometimes you just need those days where you can float and reflect.

My day ended with two great friends, one old, one new. Dinner, drinks and finally Voodoo doughnuts which I was disappointed to find, were really just doughnuts! But the bacon maple was still sooo delicious, but I think I mentioned that in another post.  Anyhoo not much useful stuff here today, just sharing my life and my new journey 🙂


Make your day exceptional! Enjoy the sun if you can!!


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