“Don’t ask me, I just work here”

I have a coffee cup that says that…way back when, when I was out in the working world, one of my coworkers got me the cup for my birthday. I instantly fell in love with it. Just enough sarcasm to float my boat. Of course I didn’t really have that attitude at work. I had a fantastic boss. She was there when we needed her but usually we were left to our own devices. She had students and paper work to deal with so she really didn’t have time to babysit her employees anyway. Why would she for that matter? We all went through the interview process and were found capable of performing the job we were hired for. What I loved most about my boss is that she knew exactly what she was looking for as far as people to work on her team. She picked hard working, motivated, independent people to help run her class, and it all worked like a well oiled machine. She was one of the best bosses I could have ever had. So I wonder why in the world is that so hard to find; a boss/leader that can trust their employee’s judgement and skill enough to just let them do their job?

As an employee, it’s important to have a purpose at work in order to get the best results out of you. If you are competent and confident in your job, you have no problem getting your work done plus extra usually. When an employee feels they are in charge of something they will give it their all to make sure everything is “squared away” (R).  That’s because it is a direct reflection of them and their work ethic. Of course they’re going to shine. They want to put their best self forward so that they get the praise and acknowledgement for a job well done. The object for the employee is to show their leaders that they are so good at what they do that they are a definite asset to their company and worth moving up the ladder.

However this can be hard to do if you have a boss that is consistently undermining your efforts by not allowing you the room to grow and shine. When you have an employer that is constantly checking in with you and telling you what you already know you need to be doing it has a serious negative affect. Not only does the employee’s moral and confidence go down but so does his feeling of purpose. “Why the heck should I give it all I’ve got if my boss is just going to come do my job for me?”.  This creates a lazy, apathetic, and unhappy employee. Their quality and quantity of work will go down and  chances are they will be looking to move on fairly soon. Not only that but it can create a hostile work environment  where there is always that feeling of tension and animosity any time the boss shows up.  I know I’ve been in situations where I just wanted to tell my boss to kiss my rear and do the job yourself then.  What is the point of coming to work if you can’t be trusted to do the job you were hired for? Geeze!

As a leader or employer I would think that hovering over your workers would be counterproductive too. But apparently not because so many of them do it. How does anyone get any work done with someone breathing down their neck? Oh and by the way boss man, don’t you have a job YOU should be getting back to so I can do mine? I wonder, is this something that people do because they’re not actually competent in their own position so they always have to see what other people are up to? Hmmm…me thinks you better check yourself before you come check on me 😉  Anyway I guess if you are a leader or a boss you should cut yourself some slack and have confidence in your own judgement. I mean after all didn’t you have a hand in hiring your employees. Honestly how does it make you look if you have to babysit someone that you hired. That means you weren’t doing your job well enough and that reflects badly on you, not your employee. I’m just sayin’.  Anyway ok my rant is over. I don’t even remember why I was thinking about this subject lol. Oh wait yes it had something to do with how we micro manage our kids, not letting them make mistakes, setting them up for failure…you see the correlation, right?

Anyway have a fabulous day!! Sparkles and rainbows lol! since there’s very little sunshine today, gotta have something shiny 😉


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