News worthy

Good morning and YAY it’s FRIDAY!!! Woo Hoo! Oddly enough I have no plans to speak of for tonight…well not yet, we’ll see how the day progresses. This morning I’ve actually been watching the news, which is something I don’t normally do. I don’t watch the news because there is so much negativity and listening/watching that can screw up your good vibe mojo but I’m taking that risk today lol.  There have actually been a few stories that have really peaked my interest this morning.

Furiousness center. What the hey?? This is such a cool idea! Apparently someone has opened up a furiosness center. This is a place with rooms that you can go into and throw things and beat the crap out of whatever. It’s to help people relieve their anger. I LOVE that!! Why didn’t I think of that. Lord knows through the years that place would have been a sanctuary for me lol. Thankfully I have a lot of space out here and I can go in the back 40 and shoot the bb gun or scream and hit a tree with a baseball bat. Anyway breaking things and unleashing that fury is a great stress reliever…and probably a good work out! Yeah I have a lot of pent up anger lol.

Derek Jeter is leaving! Now I am not a baseball fan but I do not live under a rock so I know who Derek Jeter is. He has always seemed like such an upstanding guy. Just watched the replay of him ending the game with a walkoff…a little teary eyed. Funny how some people can get to you even when you’re not super involved with what they do. Anyway I’m sure that most people have seen that little piece of history, so farewell #2.

Ello…The new Facebook? So Ello is supposed to be a new social media site much like FB but without the ads….say what?? I can actually just see what people are up to? Free of charge too, unless of course you want to purchase some of the little perks that come with it. I don’t know but I don’t think I’d mind an adless social media site. Anyway for now it’s invite only, kind of like Pinterest was when it first came out, so today I will see if I can hunt down an invite so I can give it a whirl.

Ok well I’ve got to get kids ready for school and all that fun mom stuff. It is raining here but I hope the sun is shining for you! Have an awesome day!!


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