Is failure the secret to success

So last week my friend Jason, the guy you see in the videos with me, asks me if he can ask me something…sure ask away…why do women take their eyebrows off and then draw them in with sharpies? LOL!!! OMG If I knew I would tell you! I honestly think it’s from over shaping. You know you clean  them up to get good shape and soon you’ve gone just a little too far. Anyway that led to a day of hilarity and much sharing of epic eyebrow fails. Who the heck replaces eyebrows with a drawing of dolphins or cats? I don’t know, I’m scared to death to pluck my eyebrows…I’ve seen one too many scary ladies when I was a kid. Anyway this discussion of eyebrows led us into a discussion about failures…I don’t honestly know if you can come back from an eyebrow fail though. If you’re going to pluck at least make sure you have some skill with the brow pencil.

As far as failure goes, I guess the best lesson is how you respond to the failure and what can you take away from it. Much like my post about setbacks said, you only fail when you stop trying. Things get hard, that’s life. How are you going to take what’s going wrong and turn it into a positive for yourself. Just think, if Thomas Edison or Henry Ford had given up when they hit a snag, we could quite possibly still be living by candle light and riding horses everywhere. Technology sure as heck wouldn’t be where it is today without a whole slew of people making some gigantic mistakes!

Anyway it’s late, I’m tired and I’ve got an amazing day ahead of me tomorrow. Here’s a hangout I did with Jason about  using your failures to succeed.

YAY the link worked this time! I actually wrote this post a while ago and couldn’t get the link to work but it’s all good now 🙂 see failure = success lol!

Have a great day AGAIN.


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  1. And now folks can go to a professional cosmetic tattoo person an never have to pluck again! on a side note one of my lifelong buddies is one of those professionals working in John’s Landing in Portland. no we know. lol

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