Welcome to paradise

Welcome to Paradise by Greenday… Today’s pick me up song! Today I just had one of those mornings where things were just off. Something happened and my mood just went south and I almost let it keep going there! I hate that! I know that ultimately it’s our decision how we let certain events affect us, but sometimes it’s hard to crawl out from under that instant reaction feeling and move on. That’s where I was; knowing that I needed to do something other than stew on the situation.  So after talking to a few friends and getting some positive support and feedback, I turned on my playlist and hit shuffle…Welcome To Paradise! Awesomeness!! What a great pick me up song…I was totally dancing and singing along. In my bathroom trying to get my hair ready to color…it was so uplifting!  So there, that’s it for the day I have to get my hair done 😉 Find you’re pick me up song and don’t let anything ruin your day! It’s your choice to be happy or not 🙂

Have a fantastic day! Hey Molly I hope you don’t see rain when you look out the window today!


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2 thoughts on “Welcome to paradise”

    1. Just saw this but hey you got some sun!! We have had nothing but rain for the last few days :'( Oh well at least everything will be green. I love that Happy song! Although they did kind of play the heck out of it on the radio!

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