Keep it simple

This morning I have already killed about 8 wasps. Thank goodness my house stays pretty cool so they are only sluggishly crawling around looking for an escape route. I hate wasps I’ve only been stung by one, but he stung me several times. I guess if he was going to die he was going to go out in a blaze of glory! My plan today is to tear up my house and figure out where these little punks are housing themselves. I would not be surprised if they have built a mini mansion in my wall somewhere. When we first bought this house (100 yr old fixer upper) we tore out the kitchen and found a huge wasp nest between the studs! Luckily it wasn’t active. Well I actually don’t know if that’s completely true ’cause I was not anywhere near that thing! I can only hope I can find that stupid nest and come out sting free. I’m not going to make myself a protective suit of ridiculous clothing, so we’ll see how it goes.

Anyway I wanted to write about something I had heard a while ago. I don’t know why I didn’t write about it then but I guess the timing wasn’t right, apparently that’s how my mojo works 🙂 I was listening to an audio about tips for blog writing and basically what it boiled down to was people over complicate things. Human nature, what are you gonna do? I’ve seen so many comments where people are stuck on what to write, how to write, or who to write to/for, um hello it’s not that difficult. Write about anything you darn well please! But that’s actually not what made me do the eyebrow raise and say “huh?”. He said one of the biggest mistakes he ran into was people that wrote using huge, fancy words. Yes I, had to think for a minute to say that without a big fancy word lol! I am guilty of writing that way sometimes, I don’t do it to sound super smart though. That’s just my writing style; I don’t use it for all of my writing.

Now lately I have been fortunate enough to get out into the big wide world and meet lots of new people. That’s wonderful, but some of these people speak so proper and pompously(fancy ass) that it’s a big turn off. I would just like to have a normal conversation without having to pull out my mini dictionary or thesaurus! This goes for writing too. If I’m reading an article where I have to super jog my memory to remember what a certain word means, I’m going to lose interest pretty quick.  Chances are that whole article is going to be full of fancy pants words. Don’t get me wrong I do like reading invigorating, thought stimulating articles, but as an at home mother my vocab has been reduced to toddler words and whatever I can pick up from the newest cartoon. It’s sad I know…hey I’m working on it 😉

The great tip I picked up from this audio I was listening to was “write like a teenager”. Haha I know it sounds silly and ridiculous but it makes so much sense. If you write in a simple enough form, more people will be able to read it. It’s not because people are super illiterate, but it makes for a simple and quick read. The same message can be written in either form but isn’t it easier if your audience doesn’t have to guess at what your trying to say by using the context clues?? Make it simple enough for a teenager to read and every one should be able to follow. Ok that’s my chatter for today, gonna go attack some wasps 🙂

Have a kick ass day, enjoy the sun and wish me luck!


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