Get your face out of the mud

Happy Monday everybody! I kinda hate Mondays and I don’t even know why…I almost had a thought on that but it’s already gone. Anyway, this weekend was kind of a rough one. I have a lot of transition and change going on in my life and it’s just taking some getting used to I guess.  This morning I was thinking about how that affected me and I felt that it was a little bit of a setback. Then my friend said something to me this morning at the bus stop about how it’s how you get back up from the fall. I just find it so funny that when I am deep in thought about something, not long after someone will say something to me about it without even knowing that I was already thinking it. I don’t know if that’s some psychic way of being validated but I’ll take it.

We all at some time in our lives face some sort of setback. Whether it’s in your personal life or business life at some point something will come along to throw you off your game. That’s just the way it is. How do you handle that? It’s easy to just throw you’re hands up and give up or curl up in a ball and be depressed hoping it will all just go away. There are so many times I’ve felt like that. I’ve been in depressive states for months sometimes. I shut down, don’t talk to people, don’t take care of myself and live life half assed. That doesn’t really help though. The situation will still be there or if left alone long enough could potentially get worse. That’s no good for anyone. So what do you do instead? You pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and take a long, hard look at what’s going on and start to plan on how you’re going to make it better.

I find that I have to pull myself out of situation and look at it as an outsider. If I had a friend in the same situation what would I tell them. When I pull myself out, I am able to see what’s going on with new eyes and approach the situation with a different perspective. Is it hard to do that? Hell yes, but if I can’t reassess the situation how will I figure out how to fix it. (FYI this is the new ending to this post, the first is in no man’s land with all the other crap computers lose) Most likely the band aid fix will get slapped on the problem, and eventually it will resurface. Be open to learning from the mistakes that caused the issues in the first place. Take a good look at where you are and how you got there. Then figure out how to change what you were doing before to make things work out better the next go ’round.  Setbacks are opportunities to learn and grow, don’t waste that learning moment.

Have a wonderful day, hope the sun is shining for you!



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