I need sleep

It’s finally Friday and I am soooo thankful! This week has definitely taken it’s toll on me. Getting used to the back to school schedules and changes has been brutal! In bed by 12 up at 5 ugh this sucks and either I’ve got to get used to it or something’s gotta change. Yesterday at the grocery store I was in such a fog I don’t even know what I came out of there with. I do know I forgot several important things, TP being one of them. Anyway today as I’m dragging butt around the house I started thinking about a book I read by Brendan Burchard, The Charge. In his book he talks about the 10 human drives that make you feel alive, and getting enough sleep is one of them. I can tell you that’s a biggie because I sure as heck don’t feel alive today , I feel like a zombie. So if you notice several typos and errors in the post forgive me lol I’m just tired!

So are you getting enough sleep, cause I know I’m not. My husband says that I’m always tired, and I am.  I thought it was because I was just lazy, I mean who wouldn’t like to just snooze the day away once in a while? I even went to the Dr to get checked out because some days it just hits me like a ton of bricks and I need sleep then and there! He said it was probably because I’m always chasing after little ones and this sometimes happens…yeah ok I get that. What I do know is that sometimes my hormones are all in a crazed state and they want to knock me out, while they’re concocting new shenanigans to terrorize my body. Ok maybe that’s not entirely true but that’s what I’m going to think for now.

For a while I thought I was crazy because I just felt like I needed a nap everyday! Then I started seeing stories on the news about women needing more sleep then men. I read a couple of articles like this one(Shape Magazine) and this one there are more out there just Google it, and it turns out women just might need more sleep than men. Simple as that. Ok got that figured out. How much sleep do you need though? Guys and gals both need a good amount of sleep to be productive and not feel like the bottom of a shoe all day. It’s part of staying healthy, not just physically but mentally too. I did a test a while back that helps you figure out how much sleep YOUR body naturally needs. Everyone is different. While my husband acts supercharged and gung ho on 5 hrs of sleep, I would be ready to rip someone’s face off if I didn’t get a nap in at some point. My body works best on 9hrs of sleep…and I LIKE my 9 hrs!

Ok the test is simple if you have a few free days you can try it. I think the ideal time is five days in a row but a long weekend should still work. All you have to do is set a time to go to bed every night for 5 days, I think mine was 9pm. You have to go to bed every night at the time you set. Then let your body wake up naturally in the morning. No alarms, no kids bugging you, no husband/wife trying to get you out of bed. Wake up when your eyes open on their own. Do that for a few days and check how many hours of sleep you’re averaging you should be able to figure out your “sleep number”.  I did say simple test, not easy test. It took me a few tries before I could get it done without interruptions. So just let the ones you love know that you are doing this to help you be healthy and sane 😉

Have an AWsoMe day!! Hope the sun is shining for you!


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