Old school vs New school prospecting

Yesterday was the first day of school for us and I can tell you I was one happy mama! I still have one at home but there’s not much drama when there’s only one. 😉 All the kids were so eager to get up at the butt crack of dawn and get on their new school clothes and start the day! Today, not so much. My oldest, who is now in high school, told me I don’t have to get up with him at 5a.m. I could sleep in. Oh yeah, today I hit the snooze and got up at 5:30 and this guy’s still knocked out…you were saying? Anyway with all but one off for the day I thought I’m going to power through and get all this stuff done Woo Hoo! Eh, not really. I’m NOT a morning person and it took it’s toll on me by 11:30. I still managed to get some stuff done and made sure I got my hangout in, so it wasn’t a total wash. Anyhoo…

So my hangout yesterday was about prospecting now versus back in the day. Well I guess I shouldn’t say old school, because people still prospect that way today, maybe more like ‘conventional’ prospecting. So what do I mean by prospecting, looking for leads, finding people that are going to be interested in buying what you’re offering or interested in your business opportunity. Now at some point in time you’ve probably been approached by someone asking if “your options are open” or if you’d “like to try this amazing new product”. If you haven’t I’d be amazed. The world is full of people selling something because the world is full of people buying.

So how do we prospect old school? Well if you’ve ever looked at network marketing or direct sales, it kind of goes like this: Make a list of 50-100 of your closest friends. Then invite them to an event/party or have them watch a video or get them on the phone with a third person OR you can go super old school and talk to random people on the street. It actually doesn’t sound too hard, and it’s not! People actually do this and make great money. However if you don’t like rejection you’d better get used to it because 80 to 90% of people you talk to are going to reject that offer or look at you crazy.  Why is that? Well if you think about it, it’s easy to figure out. How did you know these people were ready to look at your product or opportunity? Did it come up in a recent conversation? So essentially you are prospecting to people that you never knew were ready to look at something, and that’s where the rejection comes in. Nine times out of ten those people were not ready. But sales is a numbers game, the more people you talk to the more yes’ you will get. It just takes a lot of people and a LOT of NO’s.

Now I’m not opposed to doing the old school prospecting, I don’t like doing parties though. I have gotten over my fear of the three way call and I’m chatty enough that what I do comes up in conversation. It still takes a lot of work though, and I have to be around enough people to make it work. I live in the sticks though and sometimes that poses a problem. So I’m more excited about using the internet as a prospecting tool. The internet is so vast that you have no idea how far you can reach. The idea of having so many people at your fingertips is much more appealing than running around looking for them. There are so many social media sites now that it’s almost impossible not to connect with someone outside of your usual network of people. I also like the fact that you can target a specific market. So you can find people that are looking for exactly what you have to offer. How hard is it to throw out a link or create a capture page? Not to hard at all. It’s not hard to respond to a person that sends you a FB message wondering about your business. That person came to you not the other way around. So the benefit of online prospecting makes much more sense to me, but that’s just me. Find what works best for you. Anyway here is the link to my hangout. I gotta run and get some food in my fridge!

Have an amazing day!! Hope the sun is shining for you! PS If you like what I’m saying don’t forget to SHARE! 🙂


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