The importance of being yourself in writing

Yesterday I started writing a post, it never got published. I sat there staring at the computer for about an hour trying to get this thing written. I only had about five sentences down when the phone rang. I answered and it was a friend that needed help. So I threw on some clothes and headed out. I left my post hanging since I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, but as I was putting on my shoes, it hit me. I knew what was wrong with the post and why it had taken me so long to get a bunch of nothing. I was going over the post in my head and realized, it didn’t sound anything like me. I knew the message I wanted to get across but it wasn’t coming out in my normal “style”. Therefore it didn’t read right to me. There was no personal connection to me and that was the problem.

Normally when I write there is some bit of my personal life that is infused within the writing. I’ll have a story that led to the reason for writing and it usually comes out in the beginning and the rest just follows…that’s “my” flow. It’s how I write, and looking back it’s how I’ve always done my best writing. I was surprised I didn’t catch that right away but that’s ok because I did catch it. AND it was sooner rather than later. I did have a personal tie to that deleted post and for whatever reason I didn’t see fit to put it in. If I had I might have had that post done and published yesterday. Who knows maybe fate needed it to suck because I was going to get that call to help my friend. If I had been super focused I would have let the phone ring and checked the message later. My friend might have been a$$ out, I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter now and the good thing is the lesson learned from the situation.

I guess my point is that I know people struggle in their writing or getting started in writing, and that’s ok. Sometimes it takes a lot of failures and trashed posts to get to that point where it feels like a natural “flow”. The important part is to keep writing for yourself and not an audience because it changes the dynamic of your writing. How do I put this so it makes sense? LOL I’m at one of those spots where my idea makes sense in my head but it doesn’t come out sounding that way.  Ok, when I write and the main focus is getting information out that I want someone else to read, I don’t write it as myself. I end up writing as the person whose reading, does that make sense. So I’m putting down words in the way I think someone else would like to see them, not in the way that I would normally write them.  I think that’s the best way I can explain that without having an actual physical conversation. Believe me I’ve had this conversation before and that’s why I was surprised I hadn’t caught the mistake sooner. For me, at least, writing in that way always makes my writing feel forced and emotionless so there’s nothing to really connect with.  Anyway I hope this makes sense and helps if you get stuck or are trying to find your writing “voice”.

Have a fantastic day and I hope the sun is shining for you!! (We just have clouds right now…boo!) Oh BTW I did get up to Mt. St. Helens yesterday and it was awesome!! Hey if you like this or feel someone might enjoy the read don’t forget to SHARE!!



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  1. We talked about this before but I think we need to be reminded, or remind ourselves, sometimes. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make things all professional and perfect. We just have to write and be ourselves. I’m glad you realized!

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