Do you have a sustainable business?

When I first started in the network marketing industry I was selling candles. I was new to the area, lived out in the middle of nowhere, and needed some way to make some extra money and meet people.  So I went to one of these parties (first home party I’d ever been to)and I liked what the lady was selling. For whatever reason candles were a big thing back then…Anyway heard about the business end of it and thought, “that doesn’t sound too hard”. I laugh now, I had no idea what I was getting into. I set up my first party and I think only family came, my “sponsor” came down did the party left me with a starter kit I had not paid for and left. I didn’t hear from her after that. I tried giving her that kit back because I couldn’t get a party booked to save my soul! So my kit sat in a room for 3 yrs before I opened it and started using it. I even tried selling the stuff at a garage sale and it didn’t go! Well that was my intro to network marketing…

Now you would think that I would never get back into the networking business again, for a long time I didn’t. I went to a lot of parties over the years and kind of saw how things worked.  Bought several “I’ve got to get something” products that I don’t have a need for and threw a few parties myself. Some of those business’ did really well and a few of the consultants were actually able to build a great business from them. But more often than not when I would run into people that I knew where consultants, they had already quit the business. Or they were still in the business for the discount but didn’t do parties anymore. So why was that?

I asked several of these people why didn’t it work, what went wrong? The biggest problem they were running into was being able to get people to throw parties. I absolutely hate doing parties, not because of the presentation, that’s easy. It’s because for all the work you put into getting it ready you can show up, set up and spend a lovely evening with your host and no one else. This doesn’t happen all the time but it happens a lot. People do not want to buy another “sympathy” gift for coming to your party, or they’ve been to so many of the same parties that they can’t possibly buy another thing from that company. So why aren’t people buying? Hmmm looks like there are too many people selling the same product in the same area (too many consultants in one spot) AND people already have enough of  a product that they don’t want to buy anymore (non consumable product).

Are you in an area where the consultants out number the clients? If half the ladies (or men…their are a LOT of men in the biz) on your block are in the same business as you, you have to figure out a way that’s going to put you in front of the pack. What’s going to make you the consultant of choice? What can you offer or do differently to get traffic to you? What kind of products are you selling? Are they consumable, meaning do they run out, do they need replacing more than once or twice a year. If you don’t have  product that needs replacing, how do you keep your business growing?  Your customer base will have to be huge or you have to hope your company is good at consistently coming out with new product that people NEED. If you’re in one of these categories it might be time to look at ways to market your business differently or research a different opportunity. Something to think about.

I am going to go suck down some coffee now and enjoy the morning sun 🙂 Have an amazing day!


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