You just never know


Ghost plant

Ok So I’m getting a late start to my blogging today (again) but hey at least I’m doing it!! I’ve had several ideas running around in my head lately but this one I was soo excited about!

On Tuesday I went to the lake to let the kids unwind and play and also get some girl time in. So we’re sitting there chatting and we start talking about my blogging and stuff, when one of my friends says to me “I’m glad I read that post you wrote…’Time to unplug’, I really needed that.”(Thank you again sista! ;)) What the WHAT?! I was so surprised that she said that, and humbled that my words were what someone needed to read! I think I started tearing up,cause I’m kind of sappy like that. WOW

I think I wrote in one of my posts to just write because you never know who might like it. To see that come to life for me in person was just huge! I mean people have let me know they like what I write and enjoy the stories and I absolutely LOVE that, but for someone to tell me they “needed” that…it’s just HUGE! Such a gratifying feeling šŸ™‚ I can’t even explain it.

So for anyone out there that has something to say in the positive, just put it out there. You never know who’s going to need it, or how people are going to be affected by it. We are all so unique and different that sometimes our perspective might be one that someone had never thought about. You just never know…

I’m keeping this short but you get the message, right?

Have an amazing day! Hope you have some sunshine in your life!



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