Where did summer go and why I’m glad it’s leaving

Brrrr! This morning when I went outside to have some coffee I wasn’t prepared for the chill I felt! I knew it was cooling off at night but this morning felt like a fall morning! Hello nature it’s still mid August!! Ugh I just want a few more weeks of warm mornings~sigh~ I really need to move somewhere that’s warm all year. Well maybe not, that usually includes gigantic bugs and humidity that will give me an instafro.  Plus I really do love the fall here. It’s my favorite time of year, especially out here where we get the mix of evergreens and colorful leaves.  Ok now I’m kind of getting excited to be done with summer…boot’s, sweaters, soup, hot chocolate w/marshmallows….bliss.

Back to the present though because it is still actually summer O.o. We have a few more weeks before school starts, so there’s still time to get in a few more days at the lake, maybe a drive up to the mountain or beach, who knows. I still get to enjoy my boys before they start the transition from elementary and middle school to middle school and high school. We still have a few more movie nights where we binge on horrible actors and bad story lines. Maybe one more camp out in the yard. Late mornings and late nights…and then it will be over for the year.

But hey, I’m good with that, and here’s why; I get a schedule back! YAY! Routine returns to the home! Not only that, I don’t have to hear the fighting and arguing constantly. I can have a house that gets cleaned and stays clean for more than 5 minutes. I won’t be “MOM!”ed to death all day. The chores can actually be done at a reasonable time, not mid day. Hey, I might actually be able to sit and write for more than two minutes at a time.  I’ll still have one at home with me but that’s cake when you have three or more. I have four.

Still I am most excited about being able to have a schedule again. Now it’s not that I can’t have one in the summer. Let me tell you, I always start with the intention to keep as close to the school schedule as possible and it usually works for the first few weeks but then it kind of morphs into the summer schedule of sleeping in and going to bed late. It’s like watching car blinkers. If you’re in a line of cars with the turn signals on they are all wonky at first but then they all start blinking at the same time and synchronize then they slowly get out of whack again. I know I can’t be the only one that watches that,right? Anyway that’s how the summer schedule works (in my house at least) and we’re about to start synchronizing again YEAH! BTW Kudos to you mama’s that can stay on track with your kids all summer, that’s a feat I just haven’t mastered yet 😉

While I am sad to see the warm summer sun less and less, miss the sweet smell of bbq, and the late night hangouts. I am really looking forward to working on myself, on my business’ and spending more quality time with my youngest. Oh and PUMPKINS and HALLOWEEN!! lol

Have a fantastic day make the most of them! Enjoy the sun while you got it!


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FYI it took an hour and a half to write this post…KIDS! IJS

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2 thoughts on “Where did summer go and why I’m glad it’s leaving”

  1. Oh my gosh that’s funny about the blinkers. I totally do that too! And your summary of summer time is just how it is here at our house. I really enjoy reading your stuff 🙂

    1. Thanks Leslie! lol please tell me I’m not the only one that looks at the car blinkers!! Just think a few short weeks and all will be right with the world lol…yeah right, school functions and half days! I’m glad you like reading my blog 🙂

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