Laughing at me

Some days I have to think to myself ” OMG Lynn you are such a nut job!”but I’m ok with that cause it’s true! I think it might just be hereditary I can’t be this silly on my own, right? ( My siblings might disagree but I know one who can’t lol) Whatever the cause is to my random acts of ridiculousness, I’m at peace with it. Everybody should be at peace with their momentary lapses in common sense.  However if you’re lapses are more than momentary you might want to get that checked…just saying.

There are times when I really think I have no business doing this blogging thing, it’s so over my head.  If I can just sit and write I’m good but ask me to do anything else and I get lost in the sauce! For instance yesterday I wanted to make a new page because in my mind a page is like a title page. I  should be able to put posts on that subject behind my title page…well no I guess it doesn’t quite work that way. Rob tried to explain it to me but I’m not tech savvy so most of it went over my head. I did catch the thing about “yeah so you just put it in a category…” Ok that part clicked, got it. I have no idea what the rest of it was. So then I realize ok now I’ve got to change my page so I go searching around looking for ways to change a page to a post. I give up on that eventually cause everything I’m seeing is outdated or too complicated, you have to download this or that, whatever TMI! Well again I go asking Rob how do I do this ( I gotta tell you I feel real silly when I ask him these things sometimes). “Well did you try just copy and pasting?” Well of course not because that’s too fricking easy and would make too much sense. Besides I saw a post from years and years ago that said I shouldn’t cause it didn’t work…and hey try this plug-in( I don’t really know what those are either they just simplify stuff somehow) that’s so old it doesn’t exist! Of course I didn’t tell him about what I read, that’s just asking for the LOL reaction!

Anyway I did go and copy and paste…lo and behold…IT WORKED! But I posted it as Rob as the author, what?? I figured it out after a few long minutes..I was signed is as him, duh! Already texted him he said he fixed it, I believe him so I haven’t checked yet. After all of that I go on my google+  to see if it shared. It did but only privately! AAAGGHHH This techy stuff is too much for my brain! So I finally figured out how to change that to public share YAY! I think I should have known better on that one…the other day I checked my FB and realized that my blog only goes to my fan page and not my profile…I have to do my own sharing darn it! I always tell my husband when it comes to computers I don’t want to know all the extra stuff, just tell me what button to push, I’m gonna have to rethink that…hmm.

Well at least I had a good laugh at myself this morning and got some things figured out. I mean I did learn from my temporary lack of common sense.  Hey if I can figure this stuff out anyone can :0 ) Now I have to go do other things that require my limited tech abilities…wish me luck!

Hope the sun is shining for you!


Hi I'm Lynn, stay at home "momprenuer" to four little chitlins. Just trying to make it in this crazy world with my sanity intact! Would love to connect! @crazypeach on Instagram & pinterest. @cr8zPeach on twitter, cr8zypeach on Tumblr and Lynn Guthrie-Robinson on FB

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  1. Lynn, I have I book I bought last year when I was trying to blog for a friend, Remind me next time you see me and you can borrow it for a bit, might help with a few things.

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