Time to unplug


Some days you just need to unwind and reset. That’s what I did Monday and Tuesday, for a little while anyway.  What’s the point of being at home with the kids if no one is enjoying it? So Monday I took the kids to the lake that’s not too far from my house.  I went with a friend of mine and some of her kids and just splashed around in the lake. Of course as a mom I don’t get to just sit back and relax because the kids need you to take them to the bathroom, fix bathing suits, feed them, help gather logs for a raft ect. ect. But I did get a few minutes here and there to just hang out with them. It’s those few minutes that I really love cause I can just be me and enjoy them.  My sons are famous for finding huge logs we can all “sit” and float on. Log hogs lol.  All the other kids were staring them down in jealousy wondering how they had missed those premo logs! I did finally tell them to let some of them go so the other kids could enjoy them too…sharing is caring, right? Anyway here is a picture of my chitlins on one of the super logs they found. Oh look the other kids in the background finally getting a turn with the logs, how nice (lol).

Kids at the lake 2014
Kids at the lake 2014

On Tuesday I took my youngest son kayaking in one of the other lakes about 5 mins from my house. Tried to get an earlier start but I had to wait for my teen to wake up and watch his sisters. No way I was going to be in the middle of a lake with those two horsing around. I can just imagine all the fun that wouldn’t have been ;).  Anyway it was so nice just out there in the middle of the water with no one else around.  There were a few boats but they took off and mostly left us in peace.  We paddled around and found a nice little beach to pull into and explore. Of course my silly kid had to walk through the suction cup mud and lost his shoe.  We searched, we REALLY searched but I had to laugh it off and say forget it just leave it.  Now we know why we find single sandals sometimes….”How could anyone lose just ONE shoe”…mystery solved hahaha! Even after that little mishap we still took a few minutes to dive in and swim around the cool, clear water.  As I was floating on my back I was thinking how nice it was to be out looking at the trees and the mountains and blue sky.  No sound except my son swimming past. Pure heaven!

Being out in all that peacefulness just reminded me how nice and relaxing it is to be away from it all. No internet, no phone calls, no one wanting anything from you. Sometimes a little alone time in nature is just what you need to refocus and reset.  So I hope every so often you take the time to unplug and reset. Now that does a body AND mind good 🙂

Have a fabulous day and I hope the sun is shining for you!


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