Stop acting like someone is doing you a favor!

Sunset on the Robinson homestead

I was driving into town yesterday (when all my best thinking happens…in the car) and a thought occurred to me.  How many times have I had something I wanted to share with someone and I asked them to do me a favor and take a look at it? And WHY do I ask them as a favor?

A few years back I met a man ( a 7 figure earner type of guy) and he said to me, “When you share an opportunity with someone never go to them like they are doing you a favor.  You are the one that has the opportunity and you thought enough of them to share it.  Whether they take it or leave it has nothing to do with you and your results.”  This makes so much sense! How many times have you found something you love so much and told your friends “OMG you’ve got to try this!!”? Why do you do it?  Because you have something that you are so excited about you just have to share it and who better to share with than your friends.  You want them to try, use, or have something so that they can benefit from it just as you have!

So many times in business we have that fear of being judged so we don’t share with that “OMG!!” enthusiasm. Instead you come off as unsure and lacking confidence in whatever it is you’re trying to share.  Who wants that? If you’re not in love with and enthusiastic about what you’re sharing why should anyone else be? You don’t share things with people that are crappy and don’t work, well you do but it’s usually to say “Stay away from THIS stuff!”. That’s a big reason why you don’t get into a business you can’t stand behind. I know from won’t promote it and if you do it will be a half a$$ attempt at it.  You’ll be asking people to do you a “favor” and they might, because they are your friends and want to help out but that’s as far as it will go most likely.

So from now on start thinking about the things you are sharing.  Do you really stand behind it, if you don’t you probably need to let it go. If you’re sharing a product have you used it and love/d it, or have you seen the results of someone close to you?  If you’re sharing a training tool, have you used it and found it useful? Know your products!  When you get to know what you’re sharing it will be so much easier to share or promote with confidence.  No more FAVORS!

Have a fantastic day and enjoy the sun if you’ve got it!


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