Fitting work into life


lake Mead at dusk

For anyone that does the daily grind of going into work I know that is a silly title. It’s just a given that you are going to get up and head out to the J.O.B. at some point. But this is more for the people like me or who want to be like me and work from home.

Working from home has it’s ups and downs just like any job. No we don’t have to get up and get showered all the time (most days I work in my pj’s) although I do usually shower at some point in the day…IJS, but we do have our own struggles. Whether your at home by yourself or with kids or caring for another person, there are big issues that can definitely get in the way of your productivity.

For me the biggest struggle is time management. Now I happen to know a lot about the importance of time management because of my previous jobs. I’ve almost always had a job working with children and for them structure is everything! In my last position I worked with children living with Autism and I tell you if you ever had to change up one of their schedules you were going to be in for a fun ride…just don’t do it! For these children structure and routine made them feel safe and in control so the time management had to be ON POINT!

As a person working from home, the fact that I don’t have to have a set schedule is a blessing and sometimes a downfall. I don’t have a boss giving me a deadline. There is no start time/stop time, lunch break, 15min break ect. I’m left to my own devices (insert evil laugh). So what does that mean? It means that I can easily get sucked into an hour of FB or Pinterest. But usually what happens is I get sucked into cleaning up messes, playing a game, cuddling a kid, ect. ect. the list goes on. I have four kids that always seem to need SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!

So what do you do to fix this problem (if you have it)? You have to create a schedule, or at least some form of one. For me I have to think of my day like a sandwich (silly I know). My work is the bread and my life as @home mom is the meat or pb and j, whatever. So I have to get my work done either early in the morning after my husband leaves and the kids are still asleep or late at night when everyone is in bed. Everyday life happens in between. I do make my phone calls in the middle of the day but I can still be mobile while doing that so no big.

I usually try to get my writing, social media stuff out during the morning hours and do any learning, reading, training done in the evening. This doesn’t always work, sometimes it flip flops because I’m more creative between the hours of midnight-2AM. I’m a night owl by nature but that doesn’t always fit in with the rest of the family’s schedule. Also if there are any down times during the day (rare but sometimes) I will take those times to do something productive.

Although this might not be the perfect schedule for some, it works for me. I can get my work done and still have time for my kids and everything that goes with that. If you are a parent working from home or anyone working from home I’d love to hear how you are able to fit your work into life!! Leave a comment, like this share it…

Have a fabulous, stress free day! I hope the sun is shining for you 🙂


Hi I'm Lynn, stay at home "momprenuer" to four little chitlins. Just trying to make it in this crazy world with my sanity intact! Would love to connect! @crazypeach on Instagram & pinterest. @cr8zPeach on twitter, cr8zypeach on Tumblr and Lynn Guthrie-Robinson on FB