Everything comes together

Isn’t it funny how things just fall in line when you least expect it?  Yesterday when I was writing about the elephant (subconscious) and the flea (conscious)  I got to thinking about how funny it was that all of the things I am going through led me to that lesson.  In my personal life and my business life I have been struggling because of what I like to think of as my two minds  fighting each other.  When your two minds are not in alignment nothing gets accomplished and if it does it’s either short lived or it falls apart.

I was thinking about how great I’ve been feeling and how much more productive and focused I’ve been.  It’s so exciting for me, I feel like the real me is finally starting to shine through.  I started thinking about what led me to this point in my life and was surprised to find that I had actually been moving in this direction for a while.  As I started examining things I had been doing in my life I realized that there were several things that I had been unconsciously doing to prep me for this moment.  Things have been falling into place and coming together and I’m so positive that it’s all leading up to me being the successful, happy person that I always knew I could be but wouldn’t let be.

The first thing that happened was me being introduced to the Empower Network.  Now I know that sounds like a total business pitch but you can take it how you want.  I didn’t buy all the products at the time because I wanted to see what it was about first.  After digging in and listening to some of the training I found that I really liked it, like REALLY.  Usually I just like something stick with it for a little and then kind of let it fall by the wayside.  This was different.  There was an underlying message with these products that really hit home with me and I wasn’t expecting at all.  Mindset and personal development.  Not just the normal find your why and then you’ll be able to market.  It was find your why, your REAL WHY.   Know your vision and intention, visualize your success and focus.  WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS.

I ended up going to one of their events because I wanted to see if this was another one of these opportunities where they tell you that but then it’s like “but don’t forget to sell your a$$ off”.  I was so surprised and blown away by what I was involved in.  They really do push the personal development  because in their eyes if you do not have the right mindset you will not have the foundation to succeed.  So cool.  Where I thought the event would circle around how to sell and what to do to market ect. ect.  it was actually more centered around how to get into the right mindset.  So powerful to see so many people, making that much money, helping others find their focus and their vision. It was AMAZING. The energy was AMAZING.  The positive flow was AMAZING.  The fact that all these money makers (5 millionaires in a room of about 200-300 ppl and you would have never known lol) were so willing to just sit and talk with you about finding your vision and purpose first, was AMAZING!

After that event I was ready to get going, I was so fired up! I  started going through the training, did a couple of videos, got in on a few webinars and on and on.  But soon I found myself winding down again.  Who was I to make this work?  I didn’t know nearly enough, right?  Thankfully I had made some pretty good connections with people who would not let me quit.  When I was discouraged or confused, they were there with encouragement and help.  They pointed me in the direction of some really good training modules and calls that would better help me find my focus and vision again. So I got some more products and started studying those.  I hadn’t even got to the mechanics of all of it.  They kept pushing me to the personal development, because they could see something I couldn’t.  Even though I said I was ready to tackle this and get my business off the ground, I really wasn’t.  I just didn’t know it and I couldn’t will it into existance.  So back to the trainings I went.  Second time around I really started to soak up the lessons on clarity, and focus and vision.  I was starting to get it and see that, yeah, I wasn’t ready at that time.  But that’s ok. I’d rather take a little longer to set the foundation in concrete instead of sand.

Well I’ve promised my daughter that I’d help in her classroom today so there will be a part two, besides this is longer than I expected! Good stuff!

Have a fantastic day!! Make it yours, make it AMAZING!!


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