Blog every day! It’s simple right? Just sit down and start writing.  If it was that easy every one would be doing it.  There definitely are some hurdles to get over before you start writing.  The biggest of them all is just sitting down and doing it!

Why is it so hard!


I’m terrible at sitting down and getting my thoughts out, mainly because I have a running dialogue in my head.  I can think of the best blog posts or stories or whatever but they always come to me when I’m driving and not conveniently sitting in front of a computer.  By the time I find the time to get to a computer the idea is already slipping from my grasp! Come back!! I hate that… Or I start writing and it just doesn’t look the way it sounded in my head.

So what can you do to get over the hurdle and just write, even if it’s not perfect?  Oddly enough it’s just sitting down and writing.  I remember doing free writing in school where the teacher would tell you to just write for 5 mins.  Sounded easy but it was actually really hard to do.  Thinking about what to write and if it sounds good or if there were spelling mistakes ect. ect.  The key to the exercise was to clear your mind and just start writing.  It didn’t matter what you wrote about or how badly you spelled, you just had to write.  The first minute or two were the hardest but as you just let your mind go and kept writing by the last three minutes you actually had something halfway decent starting to form.  Of course once you got into it the 5 mins were up…but hey you started.

Blogging everyday is the same as free writing for 5 mins.  The first couple of posts are probably going to stink and that’s OK!  Keep doing it!   The more you blog the better you will get.  The more comfortable you will feel.  Pretty soon it will become a habit and you’ll be on your way to writing great things.  And honestly sometimes it doesn’t matter what you write about,  in time you will find what you are supposed to be writing, it will come to you.  Just do it!

BTW here’s a great article about why people have a hard time writing 🙂 enjoy

Have a great day and enjoy the SUN if you got it!!

Lynn @cr8zpeach

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